Lash Sleeve Mascara - Say Goodbye to Raccoon Eyes

Not All Mascaras
Are Created Equal

Lash Sleeve Mascara is light years ahead of traditional mascaras. Lash Sleeve doesn't just cover your lashes, it surrounds each lash with an individual "sleeve" that seals in the color and coat to each lash. Once Lash Sleeve is dry, it's on there! It won't smudge, smear, flake, run or clump like other traditional mascaras. You won't be able to rub, cry, seat, or swim it off. Go ahead and try!

Say Goodbye to Raccoon Eyes!

No other mascara out lasts, out swims, out sweats, or out cries lash sleeve. All this durability and to take it off only requires warm water and pressure. No harsh makeup removers that can damage the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Lash Sleeve Mascara - Say Goodbye to Raccoon Eyes

A Message from Dawn
(Lash Sleeve Founder)

By the time I was 30, I had given up on wearing mascara all together for quite a few reasons. Mostly because by midmorning, I would have "Raccoon Eyes." Even if I barely touched my eyes, my mascara would smear or smudge. Forget contact lenses! And If I dared to venture out on a rainy day (I live in Oregon), my look was all over. Why waste the time doing my makeup when it always ended up like this?

The older I get, the more sensitive my eyes are. Traditional mascaras build up and leave a residue on my lashes that would end up in my eyes. Using harsh makeup removers on my eyes (THE most sensitive skin on your body), left the skin around them looking harsher than a 30 year old should look.

For years I have searched for the perfect mascara that didn't run, smudge, smear, streak, clump or irritate my sensitive eyes. I knew there had to be a better solution. When I couldn't find one, I went to work on a new formula. And Lash Sleeve Mascara was born.

A few more things you should know about
Lash Sleeve Mascara: